An IIT grad, some graphene, a supercapacitor: behind Log 9’s EV batteries that charge in 30 minutes

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Bengaluru-based startup Log 9 has come up with a unique hybrid battery solution that may push adoption of EVs in last-mile delivery. The technology, with a 15-year battery life, addresses three key problems — long charging time, battery degradation, and high upfront costs. But as it starts commercial production, Log 9 will face challenges it didn’t encounter at the pilot stage.

Usual stuff never interested Akshay Singhal.When other teenagers were caught up with the latest Xbox or the newest fashion in town, Singhal, then an 18-year-old, was working on nanotechnology – he had even set up a lab at home spending INR6 lakh-INR7 lakh in 2012. It’s not that he was hooked to the subject from an early age. He went to IIT Roorkee in 2011 and his choice of study — material science — was based on his IIT

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